CJA Webinars & Teleconferences

The Children’s Justice Act Annual Report and Application Ensuring a Successful Submission Webinar September 2014

Overview of the CJA  Task Force – Three State Perspective Webinar February 2014

Overview of The Three-Year Assessment Process  Webinar November 26, 2013

Chilldren’s Justice Act Program Overview Program  Instruction Review Webinar March 26, 2013

Strategies To Engage Non-Resident Fathers and Their  Children Who Are Involved in the Child Welfare System Webinar September 17, 2010

Knowing What’s Best Out There: Understanding and Identifying Evidence-Based Practice in Child Welfare  Webinar November 8, 2011

 Children’s Justice Act Discussion  Webinar September 22, 2011

How To Talk So Child Protective Services Will Listen: Advice to Citizen Review Panels  Webinar  August 23, 2011

CJA Discussion of New CJA Requirements Under CAPTA  Reauthorization Webinar  March 30,  2011