Decision-Making Tools Library

What is the NRCCPS Decision-Making Tools Library?

One of the principle goals of NRCCPS is to provide public child welfare agencies with state of the art technical assistance and resources to enhance their child protection practice.  While conducting technical assistance or peer support programming, we are frequently asked to provide examples of current decision-making practices and tools used by other child welfare agencies.   The purpose of the NRCCPS Decision Making Tools Library is to provide frequently up-dated and easily accessed child protection decision-making resources currently in use in states and territories.

What tools are included in the Library?

The decision-making tools included in the Library have been voluntarily provided through the efforts of the State Liaison Officer (SLO) in those states and territories that have agreed to participate.  The tools included in the Library are currently in use in the participating state or territory for decision-making including safety or other types of decisions.  The types of tools that are included in the Library differ according to the child welfare system in each state or territory and represent a broad spectrum of the child welfare system from the initial hotline call through case closure. In addition to tools, the state or territory may also have provided  child welfare protocols, policies and procedures used for a variety of different purposes such as educational neglect and home schooling or needs assessment for children.

Are all states and territories included in the Library?

Not all states and territories are currently included in the Library.  Some states and territories have elected to participate at a later time due to planned changes in their decision-making processes and other states and territories have elected not to participate at this time. We will continue to add to the Library as more states and territories participate.

How up to date is the Library?

Verification of the accuracy of the included tools and any updates will be requested of participating states and territories every six months.  We will continue to update the tools whenever new information becomes available.

Does inclusion of the tools, policies, protocols or procedures indicate endorsement or a recommendation by NRCCPS?

Inclusion of a decision-making tool, policy, protocol or procedure submitted by a state or territory does not indicate endorsement or a recommendation by NRCCPS.  The tools submitted by the state or territory are intended to provide examples of decision-making tools currently in use so that the viewer can make use of whatever information  is helpful.

How do I find out more information about the tools included in the Library?

For questions or comments about the Library contact Kathy Simms at For questions concerning individual tools or policies/procedures, we suggest you contact the designated SLO for the state or territory that provided the tools.  You can find out the contact information for the SLO by going to SLO Directory compiled by the Child Welfare Information Gateway at:

State Decision-Making Tools  (Please select a state to to view  the state decision-making tools)